002 About the embroidery samples.

Well, as this is the second post I feel so happy that I have allowed myself to have the time to get familiar with the blog and this -of course- is only the start!! It has been a cold and bleak time for me (with a very freezing winter, by the way) and I have needed a bit of cuddle in my heart, so here is it: my hobby, my free time, my excess and now my own business! 😀 It seams to be a nice idea having started it by organizing all those samples from my time in to the “School for Young Ladies” in my born town, oh what a lovely memories I have from that time. [I know!! it sounded like it was a very very long time, but it is not! 🙂 ].

Anyway, the first one is hilarious, because in its origins was called “School for Young Ladies” and its aim was to give formal education in all Household Topics for  young ladies, but of course as time goes by, it had to adapt to new times and has moved and became an arts and crafts institution, with mixed enrollment and nowadays is a Further Education Academy with a name of the founder member. Having said all that, people still carry on refering at my school like in the old good times and still you hear “I am learning at the School for Young Ladies” funny for men how go to become chefs!! but it was interesting when I was studying there and looking after my toddle girl and baby boy!! Friends asked me how I managed to enroll in a young ladies place? Nevertheless I did it, enjoyed it, and now treasure it!

Living in the countryside looking after 2 little darlings

So then, every time I will present you a new sample you will know the origins and the context it was made: learning young ladies stuff (being a bit grown up), living in the countryside, looking after 2 little darlings and making butter and peach jam for being able to eat digestive biscuits (with yummy accessories) with granddad during the weekend!

PS: you migh be able to click on Portfolio and watch all the samples! Ok, see you soon!



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