004 Retro cane chairs

Those lovely chairs were given to us by Granddad. When necessary – for some coffee mornings or parties – they were brought down from the roof, and they had a beautiful cover, unfortunately very old, I could say dying. This luxury fabric had a flowery medallion centered in each chair, but some ragged more than others.

After my proud attempt of re-upholstering our dinning chairs (first Mum & Dad’s dinning set, inherited to one of my sister’s in law -she added 2 similar armed chairs and completed a set of 6- then passed to my niece, and finally to us) I decided to give a new life to this (set of 4) very welcomed addition.

I must say when I started this mission, I should have taken pictures from the beginning, but I did not. Sorry, but no pictures of the flowery medallions. I discovered – looking at the bottom of the seat that they were originally cane woven chairs. I recognize my lack of knowledge in that matter and of course, gathering all materials could be expensive, so inmediately I avoided to restore them at the very original status and I became very happy to be able to re-upholster the fabric.

As this project was looking more serious and I was very lucky to have advice from my neighbor (retaired professional upholsterer), so I took some pictures Β :).

My advisor helped me with the first one and I carried on with the rest three. Here some photos showing the process:

Well this was hard work, you had to match the few space out from the original cane perforations.

Still looking very far…

Just a bit more…



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