005 Lloyd Loom Chair

This lovely chair was a wedding present for my parents in law. Granddad has now given it to us and I have done my best to give it a lease of life again.

This is a very respectable chair, it was born in the 50’s and is an original Lloyd’s Loom Chair “Lusty”.

I could not find the same shade of pink, instead I used a brighter than the original, but I liked it 🙂

Then, I sewed a seat cushion, which I had not photo of the process, 😦  and made also a back cushion for it. All colourful!! And now in the process there is a blanklet soon on its way to join the “pinky”.



5 thoughts on “005 Lloyd Loom Chair

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      • unfortualtely the plate has fallen off our chair, the date stamp is underneath where the stamp used to be, I am certain this is a Lloyd Loom, but without the stamp the authenticity isnt 100% ;o( I’ve been trying to find info online re Lloyd Loom chairs born in 1948 without much success, so maybe the chair I have is a fake? booh! x


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