006 Sewing Box

I received with fondest love Mum’s sewing box, as well as our lovely  Lloyd Loom Chair (my pinky), I decided  to give it another opportunity of life.

There we go. As you can appreciate, the material has seen better days 🙂 and originally it was a combination of green and brown.

Inside it had a storage pocket under the lid and a reel’s shelf in the back side 🙂 It was a light yellow plastic material :p

Well, I had my time choosing the fabrics, but I had to gather bit of encouragement too. You may remember that my previous re-upholstery job was very tutored by my kind neighbor. I confess that I felt a bit scared to do it on my own but anyway, I started. I must say that JC help me a lot with the hard work of taking staples off.

Also I had a great audience and a bit of mess 😉

This picture shows several layers of material: inside it must be recovered with a thin layer of foam too.

The job started to be cleared. I think it is one of the most awful tasks, but of course rather important as you may look after the base and not to cause any damage!

No legs and only the base was an easy start, but of course it got a bit more complicated later on…

The lid had on the top foam and below a lining, I was sewing the pocket in the material I choose.

Here, taking a bit of shape… Legs on!! 🙂

And I’ve put the chain back to prevent the lid going back. ;D

Finally, making company to my pinky.

Please, if you have any comments, do so, I really appreciate your time looking my at work and I would love to hear your opinion and suggestions. And if you wish so, I would be glad if you follow this blog 🙂


2 thoughts on “006 Sewing Box

    • Thank you very much!! Well I started sewing when I was 7 but now my passion for fabrics has turned into some re-upholstery jobs, I haven’t taken any formal course, but I am using dressmaking logic with some help and good will!! See you soon 😉


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