009 Rewards of sharing: Thank you!!

I want to thank someone very special, and in order to do so, I must start by introducing you to a lovely group.

The Needle Craft Club in our local library was started by a genuine desire to share my experiences with others and my need to get integrated into the community, whilst doing something really enjoyable, in other words, stitching with joy!

Soon I discovered that I was not lonely and found many people to join me. Our common aim is enjoying time by discovering, sharing and creating with needlework (jolly stitches!!).

We all look forward to meeting each other and the group is growing every week!!

I received a wonderful bouquet from someone very special within the group and I really felt touched. Thank you very much indeed.

I learnt that sharing is not only important for me. It was a beautiful surprise before the Easter holidays and I want to show it to you all.

As I got home, I indulged myself looking at it and had a cuppa & yummy slice of my homemade fruit cake!

Please take a minute to enjoy the wonderful flowers!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many blessings.


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