007 Lace Making

Hello again! 🙂

A long time ago I wanted to learn how to make lace. I had to wait years, but now is my turn. I bought this starting kit 2 years ago!! Unfortunately, I have read instructions  in the proper kit and in some books,  but nothing simple for being able to make it myself 😦 However, recently I met a lovely lady in my Needle Craft Club and she has kindly offered to teach me the next session. So very excited I gathered all the pieces and put hands on work.

It contains 24 bobbins and all the beads needed to spangle and give weight to the bobbins, also has a cushion and material to  cover it, some patterns, 2 different threads and voila!!

Instead of sticking with glue (included) I preferred to sew it, 😀

This is the brass wired provided for my first adventure of spangling bobbins.

So there you see which combination of colours I choose and a bit of twist with pliers!

Carefully I put the wire end back to the bobbin perforation, as it can catch your thread when lacing!!

So excited! I will post soon my findings!! If you have experience with lace, please share with us. Thank you for reading.

Many blessings


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