012 Colourful Granny Square Blanket

Hello dear readers!

First of all I want to thank you for liking and reading my blog and following me here and on Facebook. I feel very guilty as I have had no time to write all my ideas and share them with you (they are all stashed on my sewing studio, camera and in my brain!!). Many reasons are (which I won’t waste precious time in explaining them) but only tell you that I had to attend different important family commitments and for sure, to work  in order to earn my living. I know many bloggers do all that and plus they write lovely and inspiring posts, and that’s why I feel so bad. But there you go,  I am very grateful to you, who have the kindness to read and be interested in my Jolly Stitches!

Better I speed up my posts!!

This was a granny square wish!  My mum crocheted a long time ago granny square blankets for my sister and I, mine has moved, now lives in my daughter’s bedroom! They are American granny square type, made with random colours and joined with black yarn in order to frame and give uniformity to the entire work.


Nowadays I have seen many other ideas, some really outstanding, you chose another colour and frame it with it. I have chosen a green shade, I hope you like it or inspire you to design and make yours.


This one was a first attempt to make a quickie one. I was inspired with the Lloyd Loom chair I saw at the Attic 24. I used style craft yarn and this blanket adds up to the story of my pinky and the red spiral crocheted cushion… Here some little pics with the process, which I am not very proud of, as I rushed and later notice that the randomness failed. Never mind, spot the mistake and don’t do it yourself!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This colourful blanket has a busy life, as travels with me to many of the courses I teach (all the ladies want one with their preferred combination) and comes back home to sit for a while in her favourite chair. I have joined the squares with a double crochet in the ch 1 space of the corresponding opposite square. In that way, it does not produce an edge, which in my opinion would break the soft feeling when you touch it.

I simply love granny squares, they do not age and have interesting personalities, tell me what are your favourites? I’ve read about the randomness on granny squares and seen some colour generators! Amazing all what we can do with technology!

Many blessings ❤

M  =)Slide1


2 thoughts on “012 Colourful Granny Square Blanket

  1. Je vais m inspirer de votre coussin spirale pour realiser un coussin qui ressemble a une tortue
    Les spirales seront le ventre en dessous de la tortues et la carapace en granny avec en plus la tete les pattes et la queue ds des coloris flasch
    Une commande pour une amoureuse des tortues


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