013 Granny Triangle Shawl


Hello dear friends!

As you know of my slow speed posting, this post is going to be short ๐Ÿ™‚ as if I keep it simple I may be able to show you quicker all the ideas and works I have done or plan to do in shorter time, so you will be benefited withย more information ๐Ÿ™‚

20140417_083644Today I want to show you my interpretation of a lovely idea published by My Rose Valley Blog. It is a half of a granny square structure (triangle shape) and it is justย beautiful. Of course my shawl has notย not the same border that the Nordic shawl but it was a very good exercise to “split” aย granny square pattern in half and instead of working in the round, as you normally do in granny squares, then you turn your work in opposite corners and crochetย the following row by the opposite side “forth and back”. At the end you have an even texture of right and wrong sides in both faces of the material you have produced.20140417_084028

Have you crochet any shawl? Please share your experiences. I hope this ideaย can be inspirational for you too!


Many blessings โค M


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