011 Red Spiral Crocheted Cushion

You’ve seen already this cushion on my “Pinky”, and now is time to chat about it! I’ve seen this crochet stitch (spiral stitch, you can find a tutorial here or there) and I wanted to practice it.

If you notice (I’m a bit shy at colour combination) I did not use either a shade of  my pink chair, but I think the effect wasn’t too bad :0)  I started with a “magic ring” (that way to make a loop around your fingers and you use it as an original chains’ ring, which is the base for the first row) and added 4 colours, one at the time: 2 chains, 1 double crochet, 1 treble for a start.

I closed the ring (you may like to add more colours? I was so excited! I pulled the loop, closing the magic ring!

It was nice and very straight forward as you continue with treble stitch over the following stitch. It wasn’t very fast to do it as you may stop very often (just at the beginning) to carry on with the next colour. Now, can you see the spiral effect?

Like a snail!!

Once I got the right diameter I did a fan border, just pretty simple, I choose red, my favourite colour!

Then, I sewed a cover for a cushion with envelope closing. Then stitch my doily to it. Again, may I say something about the colour?? Better no! :0) Something nice? I used again Mum’s buttons!! ❤

Well, that’s it!! I really want more time to crochet more doilies and stitch them to simple cushion covers and voilà!

Many blessings!

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37 thoughts on “011 Red Spiral Crocheted Cushion

  1. this is a lovely pattern!
    in playing with it, I see you did introduce some increases to keep it flat. Is there some formula, or something you used to determine how many and when?
    I’m considering using this as a start for a Christmas project.
    Thank you!


    • Hi Ruth,

      Thank you for reading my blog and for your comment.

      When I wrote this post I knew that it wasn’t a proper tutorial, sorry.

      Indeed, I followed my basic formula to keep a flat circle which is:

      1st row: 12 stitches
      2nd row: 24 stitches (increase one in each stitch)
      3rd row: 36 stitches (increase one and crochet one)
      4th row: 48 stitches (increase one and crochet two)
      5th row: 60 stitches (increase one and crochet three) and so on.

      But as the snail pattern never ends a row you may guide yourself with the colours and maybe with some clips to mark when you are “starting” a row.

      I am writing the detailed pattern, but it’ll take me a while, I’ll send it to you when I’m finished with it.

      I hope with this suggestion you can start to practise it soon!

      Many blessings! x


      • Hi Athena,
        You need to follow the formula for a flat circle and you must place stitch markers to count your rows (despite their are continuous rows you must mark them and in that way you will know when to increase and if you are going too curly try to go flat, it will depend on your tension).

        I am really sorry that I haven’t done any further explanation or pattern to this spiral. I know some people will be interested. If you have noticed the dates on my blog posts, I just started again to have a routine, I must really get another chance to respond all your questions and will post them soon.
        Thank you for looking at my crafts!

        Maria 🌺


      • Thank you Virginia for your interest in my blog, which I have neglected for the past year. It is on my to do list to up date this Red Spiral Crocheted Cushion post, so you all can make it soon. You will hear news from me soon.
        M 🙂


  2. Hello. Thank you for posting this. I am new at crocheting. Well, my grandmother taught me when I was young and I never really picked it up till just last year. Unfortunately, I only know basic stitching. But I am really going to try to find a video that shows how to do the stitching that you talk about here so I can make this. I REALLY like this pattern and LOVE the colors you chose too! So thanks again! Can’t wait to figure it out and get started! 🙂


  3. Hello and thank you for this lovely item.Do you have a detailed pattern?I’m working on a 4 colored spiral and I need some help on the finishing row.I saw the spanish blog,but the finish is not symetric.Maybe you can help?thanks!


    • Hi Leah,
      Thank you for visiting my blog =)
      I will post soon detailed instructions with pictures of this pattern but I can tell you in advance that you can finish with a sequence of stitches with less high. I mean if you are working with trebles, then finish with 1 half treble, 1 double crochet, and 1 or 2 slip stitches. This will fade the row and make the edge to look even. I hope this helps.
      Many blessings,
      Maria ❤


  4. Magnifique coussin
    J ai une tortue a realiser pour un coussin et pour le ventre ds les tons verts je vais m inspirer de votre coussin
    Le reste je dois encore penser pour la carapace la tete et les pattes
    On m a demande un coussin tres original je pense qu’il le sera
    La carapace je l ai cree je dois juste la realiser le reste n est pas compliqué
    J adore ce que vs faites



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  6. i would definitely love a copy of the detailed pattern. it has a most beautiful effect and would make an incredible rug for my daughters room


  7. Hello. I have yarn left over from a previous blanket (crotched squares) 7 colours in all and I would like to make this pattern into a throw using all the colours. Is it possible and if so how do I do it
    Yours with kindness Carmen.


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